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News & Media Press Releases Public Wireless & Ubiquisys Demo 6 Modular Outdoor Femtocell Platforms at MWC 2011

Public Wireless & Ubiquisys Demo 6 Modular Outdoor Femtocell Platforms at MWC 2011

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Public Wireless & Ubiquisys Demo 6 Modular Outdoor Femtocell Platforms at MWC 2011

Reference Design Solutions are Powered by the Ubiquisys Femto-Engine & Provide Coverage Ranging in Scale from Campus Femto to Rural Macro Cell

MWC Barcelona, Spain - Public Wireless, a Silicon Valley company specializing in evolved heterogeneous wireless services and solutions, today announced that it is demonstrating six outdoor small cell platforms at Mobile World Congress 2011. The company also announced the availability of its underlying Intelligent Cell methodology, a revolutionary and modular approach to the next generation of RAN infrastructure. With end-to-end modularity, the technology agnostic platforms are optimized, flexible and scalable subsystems, configurable through software intelligence, to address specific customer requirements and reduce their OPEX.

Powered by the intelligent femto-engine software from Ubiquisys, the developer of intelligent cell technology, Public Wireless can now offer a series of hardware reference designs for its Intelligent Cell Platforms. These are available for OEMs/ODMs and System Integrators who can then offer feature-rich, cost-effective and scalable IP RAN solutions (ranging from Femto to Macro) as end products to their customers.

Whether the application is in a remote rural or dense urban morphology, the scalability, functionality and efficiency aspects are paramount considerations within the Intelligent Cell designs. The Ubiquisys SON functionality automatically maintains a seamless network managing calls/sessions at the edge of the network, similar to a complete UMTS/LTE network. By manipulating adaptive RRM, it manages and coordinates frequency sharing among carriers with adjacent cells using cognitive interference mitigation techniques. The hardware platform can scale up or down in power and capacity to serve neutral host or service provider dedicated applications with uniform “building blocks” that enable both internal and external modularity, allowing for simple and efficient operations. Another benefit of the platform design is that the built-in (and licensable) software features not only help manage the operational needs, but also enable depot based “clone, swap & re-deploy” upgrade and maintenance methodologies, to help both mobile operators and neutral site infrastructure owners. All of these aspects together minimize the CAPEX, but most importantly they significantly lower the recurring OPEX.

“Working with companies like Ubiquisys, we have placed significant effort into efficiently “bridging the gap” from the initial indoor Femtocell efforts towards higher order permutations of outdoor base stations. These next generation IP RAN small cells utilize the lowest power and are of the smallest form factor, leveraging the most advanced SoC technologies within a functional platform approach to optimize deployment and management of these devices in collocated or dedicated applications. Beyond the incredibly valuable software engine functionality contributed by Ubiquisys, it has been key to leverage our applied knowledge to assure that our designs take all of the critical outdoor deployment requirements into consideration. Due to significant interest from OEMs and System Integrators internationally, Public Wireless has now positioned itself to meet the needs of the industry by not only serving turnkey applications, but also by providing reference designs and licensing of both hardware and software solutions to 3rd parties,” explained Rob Reagan, Founder of Public Wireless.

“Our continued relationship with Public Wireless has enabled us to achieve our common goal of intelligent cells as a universal unit of mobile coverage and capacity. Intelligent Cell Platforms go one step further to streamlining the mobile experience for the end-user in outdoor spaces,” said Chris Gilbert, CEO Ubiquisys.

The Intelligent Cell Platform Family currently consists of six (distributed femtocells, super femtocells, picocells, metrocells, microcells and macrocells) and is quickly expanding its range, which can be designed to meet operator needs. This results in low cost, high performance, custom base stations that can be made to order.

Femtocell derived Basestation-on-Chip functionality, in conjunction with software intelligence operating on efficient hardware platforms, is most certainly destined to move rapidly upstream as both a disruptive market force and a very attractive alternative to existing wireless infrastructure approaches.


About Public Wireless

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley California, Public Wireless has historically focused on creative and alternative siting methodologies to offer cutting-edge and advanced wireless solutions and services to its customers. This has led to Public Wireless becoming the first to commercially deploy outdoor IP Picocells in North America as early as 2006. Continuing to position itself at the forefront of the evolution of field optimized small cell technologies, and leveraging its expertise in scalable deployment methodologies, Public Wireless is now leading the way offering designs of modular Intelligent Cell Platforms which are very small form factor and highly efficient 3G/4G standards compliant outdoor hardened IP RAN base stations. The platform designs can serve neutral host or service provider dedicated applications. The solutions include uniform “building blocks” optimized for expansion and scalable deployments. They allow the (neutral host or service provider) operators to lower their CAPEX and improve OPEX efficiencies.
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About Ubiquisys

Ubiquisys is ranked the #1 femtocell vendor by ABI Research Inc, and its technology powers more than 15 commercial projects with operators across the world, including mass market deployments with SoftBank Mobile in Japan and SFR in France. The Ubiquisys difference is intelligence: femtocells that continuously listen to their surroundings, making invisible decisions about configuration, application triggers and media interaction. This has led to a unique range of residential femtocells, self-organising femto networks for enterprise, plus rural and metro outdoor femtocells. Its Femto-Engine software system creates a complete ready-to-deploy intelligent  cell, providing encapsulated deployment expertise off-the-shelf. Ubiquisys Hardware Blueprints enable manufacturers to rapidly produce low-cost femtocell devices customised to Mobile Operator specifications. Ubiquisys investors include Accel Partners, Advent Venture Partners, Atlas Venture, 5 Continents Consulting Group (5CCG), SerComm Corporation, UMC Capital Corporation and Pacific Venture Partners, T-Mobile Venture Fund and Yasuda Enterprise Development Co. (

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