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About Public Wireless

Public Wireless is a wireless solution provider, leading the way to provide next-generation solutions to optimally and effectively address both the exponential growth in mobile usage and the shifting of wireless telecommunications technology to small cell-based deployments. At the crux of the dynamically changing wireless telecommunications industry, Public Wireless provides solutions for its customers to achieve capacity, coverage, speed, scalability, and cost savings. Public Wireless solves traditional wireless approaches by leveraging small cell technologies and methodologies to provide revolutionary and modular BTS solutions that deliver quality and efficiency for wireless networks worldwide.


With the continual explosive growth in mobile voice and data usage, wireless operators, system integrators, and network providers leverage Public Wireless’ solutions to meet mobile end-user demand. Leading the industry with its innovative solutions, Public Wireless provides modular, small form factor cells to effectively meet coverage and capacity objectives, improve bottom line, accelerate time to market, and provide rapid, scalable deployment within minimal space at any location. Innovated for agility, speed, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalable operation, Public Wireless’ wireless technology solutions and small cell platforms have redefined industry expectations. 


Small Cell Technology Solutions
At the forefront of small cell technologies since the inception, Public Wireless boasts vast experience and proven expertise in creative small cell deployment, wireless methodologies, and low-impact stealth infrastructure. Public Wireless now leads the wireless industry to provide Intelligent Cell Platforms for 3G-/4G wireless networks to meet coverage and capacity objectives while slashing both CAPEX and OPEX costs.

  •      First private installation of WI-FI Access points integrated in phone booth – 2005
  •      First Outdoor IP Picocell Integration and Commercial Deployment – 2006
  •      First GSM/EDGE Cable Strand IP Pico System & Deployment – 2007
  •      First Outdoor Pico MLA Agreement with Operator – 2007
  •      First Commercial Single Band Outdoor DAS on Cable Operator Plant – 2007
  •      First Commercial Outdoor DAS in the State of Hawaii – 2008
  •      First CDMA Cable Strand IP Pico System & Deployment – 2008
  •      First Neutral Host Multi-Pico Platform On Cable Plant – 2009
  •      First Outdoor Pico/DAS Neutral Host MLA Agreement with Operator – 2009
  •      First Outdoor Pico Neutral Host Platform (Capable of 4 operators per enclosure) – 2010
  •      First Commercial Strand Mounted Outdoor DAS on Cable Operator Plant – 2010
  •      First Outdoor LTE Picocell Integration – 2010
  •      First Outdoor LTE MIMO Picocell on Cable Strand – 2011


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