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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, USA, Public Wireless is a global wireless solutions provider that develops and deploys innovative wireless infrastructure technologies for mobile network operators to enhance network coverage and capacity where traditional means are not feasible. Public Wireless is a pioneer in small-cell technologies, having developed and deployed the first commercial outdoor small-cells in licensed spectrum for tier-1 carriers as early as 2006. Public Wireless currently leads the industry in its development of cutting-edge multi-band LTE small-cell base stations. Our LTE eNodeB’s are IOT compliant with many of the leading LTE packet cores in the market today.

Monterey (Picocell)
Laguna (Microcell)
Venice (MultiRAN Pico)
Long Beach (Metrocell)
Mugu/Surfrider (Distributed Femto)
Coronado (Macrocell)
Mugu (Super Femto)
Monterey (Picocell)Based on PW-75 Intelligent Cell Platform technology
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